A Top 5 List from Turn the Page KC

Our friends at Turn the Page KC, a brilliant organization doing brilliant things, were kind enough to share their top five book picks with Afterword Tavern & Shevles. Given their organization’s focus, which is to achieve reading proficiency at grade level or above for all third graders in KCMO, these are books geared toward those young readers in your life.

All the mentioned books are on the shelves here at Afterword, so stop by and discover the joys of saying ‘Zoop!’ or discovering a new KC author!


“Chalk” by Bill Thomson

This beautifully illustrated, wordless book, is great for adult and child readers of any level. Without words, this book leaves space for open ended questions and conversation about what could be happening in the story.


“Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut” by Derrick Barnes

Kansas City native, Derrick Barnes, depicts the joy an African-American boy feels after going to the barber shop. We love that Barnes drew on his own experience going to his barber at 59th and Prospect as a child. It is crucial for children to see themselves and their experiences represented in the books they read.

Heart Fills.gif

“My Heart Fills with Happiness” by Monique Gray Smith

This warm board book depicts indigenous children and all of the things that bring joy and love.  From holding the hand of someone you love to the smell of your favorite food, what are the things that make your heart fill with happiness?


“I Got The Rhythm” by Connie Schofield-Morrison

I Got The Rhythm is a fun to read aloud book that highlights the joy of music in everyday places.  Children can easily join in and keep rhythm as they act out the many rhythms of the neighborhood.


“Say Zoop!” by Herve Tullet

“Say Zoop” is a simple and interactive book that encourages adults to be playful with reading.  Having the opportunity to “play” with a book supports the joy of reading 

An AT&S Custom Collection "Books About Books"

We like books, that’s no secret. So, of course we like books about books. And bookstores, and book-related quests, histories, mishaps, mysteries and any other miscellaneous literary hijinks.

There is a variety to choose from in this particular collection, all here on the shelves here at Afterword, so get lost in a book about books!