“I wanted a bookstore because the book business is the business of life.”

George Whitman, proprietor of Shakespeare & Company, Paris.

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Afterword tavern & shelves

There are thousands of brilliant quotes from the literary world that we could have borrowed and pasted atop this page, We chose this one because we believe it to be undeniably true.

A good book has the remarkable ability to connect friends over midnight discussions, or to a garrulous passenger on the streetcar who loves the same writer. Simple paper pages can inspire a visit to a city or reconnect someone to a time and place of their past. Books can spark an idea or incite an argument and provide a tranquil escape from the chaotic.

Beer, wine, spirits, and food share this quality. Rather than leave one of 'em out we decided to combine their collective powers under a single roof.

Thus, Afterword Tavern & Shelves was born. While it may be libations and books we’re selling on paper, at a philosophical level we are peddling discovery and the city in which we live. We invite you to walk through our door this summer, and when you depart we hope that you do so having discovered something stirringly novel.



Our inventory may not be massive, but we have curated a selection that cries out for exploration and piques the curiosities, ranging from that of the casual weekend reader to the most avid of bibliophile.



Kansas City and its regional brethren brew up some magnificent beer. That's why all beer at Afterword comes from brewers within a few hundred miles of 1834 Grand Blvd.



The age-old art of distilling grains into something potently refreshing is alive and well in and around Kansas City. A prime place on our bar shelves is reserved for these regional bottles.



The vines and grapes here in the Midwest are underappreciated. Count us as believers in what the talented vintners in the region are doing. Join us for a glass and let's change some minds. 



Given the infinite happenings around here - from concerts to theater to wandering the breweries, distilleries, cafes, shops and galleries – we are pleased to provide your boost of caffeine in the Crossroads.


sandwiches & small plts

Arguing philosophy, debating start-up strategies and unraveling the unorthodox plotline of a foreign novel works up an appetite. Shame upon us if we allow you to go hungry.


Hungry? For our lunch menu, kindly click here.

If it is the happiest of hours, meaning from 3-6pm Wednesday - Friday and all day Sunday, please click here instead.

And finally, if it’s a dinner menu you are looking for, clicking here will take you to it.

Now, if you’re thirsty instead, we’ve got a cocktail menu for your viewing pleasure, as well as a beer and wine menu.