A good book has the remarkable ability to connect friends over midnight discussions, or to a garrulous passenger on the streetcar who loves the same writer. Simple paper pages can inspire a visit to a city or reconnect someone to a time and place of their past. Books can spark an idea or incite an argument and provide a tranquil escape from the chaotic.

Beer, wine, spirits, and food share this quality. Rather than leave one of 'em out we decided to combine their collective powers under a single roof.

Thus, Afterword Tavern & Shelves was born. While it may be libations and books we’re selling on paper, at a philosophical level we are peddling discovery and the city in which we live. We invite you to walk through our door, and when you depart we hope that you do so having discovered something stirringly novel.

“I wanted a bookstore because the book business is the business of life.” 

- George Whitman, proprietor of Shakespeare & Company, Paris.


Our small but mighty collection of books, spread among Fiction, Kids, Indie, Poetry, Political Science and general Non Fiction are available for purchase.

We like creating custom categories of books, such as “Books with Less than 200 Pages” and “Books About Other Books.” We also really like getting suggestions from local organizations and our fellow illustrious citizens, like Turn the Page KC and the KC Public Library. Navigate yourself over to Book Lists to peruse such collections.

If we don’t carry that elusive book you are searching for, it would be our pleasure to order it for you. Simply inform your bartender or contact us directly. In less than a week, your book will be hanging out behind the bar at Afterword waiting for you. No shipping fee, and when you return to retrieve your prize Afterword will buy you a beverage or a tasty beignet.

Contact Us.

Do you need a book that you don’t spy on our shelves? Is there a particular beer or wine that we must simply get onto our menu? Have a genius cocktail idea that we should steal from you? Anything good or bad you want to share with us regarding your experience at Afterword today?

Or maybe you just want to say hello! No matter what the reason is, we would love to hear from you. Drop us a line and we’ll respond just as quickly as we can type.

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